I miss getting drunk to 90’s songs and not having Facebook give us vapid exaggerated accounts of how cool each other’s lives are. Personally,  I am but a speck and my life is not cool. You may be a particularly sexy speck, but hell, in the end you are only a piece of the dust that is humanity. I identify with the 90’s most out of any era because I identify with the self-loathing of this era. I think that seeing yourself as a piece of shit is the first step to becoming something better and the Energized Happy Nuclear Family who only eats from Whole Foods of the 2000’s or the Powerful Business Woman who is single at 45 or the New Sensitive Male Who Listens to Indie Music is a lie. lie. lie. You all eat pizza and masterbate to Hannah Montana while your on break from your shitty job at MegaCorp. At least they have coffee even though the creamer is made of the dust of the office workers before you. Don’t worry, at least at the end of the month, you can buy that Dolce & Gabbana bag. It’s cool though cause Riff Raff only sleeps with Hoes who rock that, so your self-worth is preserved.


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